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Screenshot of Animation Shopee's project portfolio, displaying a diverse range of animation work completed for satisfied clie

We provide a cleanup service as well as per your requirement,

Mocap Library offers a range of motion capture services to customers in animation, visual effects for film and television and gaming industries.

Full time staff of technicians and artists to ensure your projects get delivered at the highest quality and on schedule. Complete prop and set construction unit onsite for all your project needs.

Exclusive data only cleanup services with an expandable team to meet your specifications and demands

Web based client / project portal ensuring secure data access and transfer.

Mocap Library is committed to providing value added motion capture services to its customers on schedule, on budget and at the best quality. Team has a combined expertise that spans films, animation, television, gaming, and technology industries, Artificial Intelligence. With offices in Hyderabad, India, we have access to some of the country's best technical and artistic talent.

Mocap Library is a well rounded organization with a dedicated and experienced team of technicians, designers and artistes to ensure quality and timeliness of projects.

Illustration of a customer support team assisting clients with their animation needs, highlighting Animation Shopee's dedicat


Illustration of various animation services offered by Animation Shopee, including character animation, motion graphics, and v


Image showcasing customization options available for animation projects, reflecting Animation Shopee's flexibility in meeting


Image representing Animation Shopee's commitment to quality assurance, ensuring high-quality animations for client projects.

Facial Retargeting


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