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Do the animations purchased in the store need additional cleaning?

            All animations have already been processed and manually cleaned by our animators, so they are completely ready to use!

How to transfer your animations to my character?

            Especially for you, we have recorded detailed instructions for auto-rigging and retargeting animations in the "How to use" section!

What if I didn't find the animations I need?

            What if I didn't find the animations I need? - Write to us about which animations you could not find and why you need them at the support mail. We will try to add them as soon as possible. We pay attention to every message and are interested in fully satisfying the needs of our users.

In what format will I receive the animation upon purchase?

            All animations are in fbx format with animated skeleton without mesh at 24/30/60/240 fps.

Where can I download animations that I have already bought?

            Purchased animations can be viewed and downloaded in your account in the "Purchases" section.

I bought an animation where the character shoots from a machine gun, but there is only a skeleton in the downloaded file. Where can I download it with the machine gun?

            Animations are sold without 3D models of weapons and additional items.

How often are new animations added to the store?

            We add about 20 animations daily!

Can your animations be transferred to Meta Human in UE 5?

            Of course! In the How to use section, you will find a detailed guide on retargeting our MetaHuman animations in Unreal Engine 5!

Is it necessary to refer to the author of the animations?

            All of our animations are Royalty Free, so there is no need for reference. However, we would love it if you credit us in the closing credits!

Is it possible to choose the gender of an actor when ordering animation in the "ONLINE MOCAP" section?

            Oh sure! Male characters are always recorded by men, and female characters by women. But if you have any preferences, then inform us about them in the order, and we will take them into account!

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